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by Mark Gould When thinking of groups involved at the forefront of provoking real change in the world’s most urgent issues, including doing what’s really necessary to save the planet, one might or might not think of the Buddhist spiritual framework as a model for eliminating the use of fossil fuels, addressing climate control, and changing the world’s use of limited environmental resources. Some might think of meditation, mindfulness, awareness as a means for the Buddhist practitioner to “turn within,” examining and reflecting on these principles from a personal view. While that’sRead More
This 9-minute film documents one of the fastest-growing and most effective forces combating climate change: organized grassroots movements in the Bay Area, and around the world. Centering around efforts to overturn California’s historic global warming legislation, the film highlights how community organizations and networks throughout the state played a crucial role in mobilizing the vote in immigrant and low income communities to defeat Proposition 23,Read More