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Muti Randolph takes new media and lighting installation technology to bring visual arts literally into a new dimension. In 2013, interactive art installations are exploding out from 2 dimensional containers and  becoming wearable designs or room ambiance or video art experiences. Step inside Muti Randolph’s interactive light installation Deep Screen at The Creators Project New York Event. Watch more on Muti Randolph: The Coachella Dance Tent Transformed: Designing Total Immersion Experiences: The Creators Project is a partnership between Intel and VICE: ** Check out our full video catalog:Read More
Similar to Lost Heaven, a large number of photographic images, long exposures of lights and motion, were processed and composed into video with music. The approach of this (and other) ambient video work is with the intent of a “painting in motion,” such that if it were used in an installation the video would be slowed down considerably. I’ve picked up the speed on this version to keep your attention, but plan to submit this to festivals and exhibitions. As mentioned I’m also very open to collaborations with ambient musiciansRead More
video artist: Mark Gould   Instead of dissolves, I tried optical frame blending at the suggestion of someone on the Studio Artist users group forum. You get some interesting morph-like transitions which gives the piece a more organic feel. Thanks to Lucas. Images started as original photography, long exposures of lights and motion, then processed by the great paint synthesizer (and so much more,) Studio Artist by Synthetik, For installation works my vision is that the change rate of the image would be slowed down considerably. Think about aRead More
Reposted from our companion blog, the Media Arts Channel, part of the Vimeo Media Arts Channel Group with over 450 members and more than 1,300 great films and videos in genres of animation, stop motion, moving image, motion graphics, video art and other experimental works. Topology of the 9 Circles: Open Set Number Four from Roland Quelven and Isabel Pérez del Pulgar V I D E O / Roland Quelven – Isabel Pérez del Pulgar S O U N D / Roland Quelven . V O I C E /Read More
Boing Boing presents the premier of Death Cab for Cutie’s “Home is a Fire” from the album Codes And Keys, available May 31, 2011 on Atlantic Records Video concept by: Shepard Fairey and Nicholas Harmer Cameras and collaboration: Tarin Anderson, Todd Mazer, Justin Mitchell and Aaron Stewart-Ahn Additional support: John Lang, Brian Udovich Edited by: Christopher Hills-Wright For more about the video: More

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Media in Motion – Kira Visitor

Kira Visitor - Media Art by Media in Motion; Video Heiko Daxl, 12., min, sound Mona Mur, text: New Civilization NetworkRead More
Nam June Paik The international selectors for the Nam June Paik Award 2010 met on the last weekend of February in the Museum Kunst Palast in Düsseldorf.Read More

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Tuned Graphics – Media in Motion

Deutschland/Germany 2005/06, DV Video 3:30 Video: Heiko Daxl, Ingeborg Fülepp produziert von / produced by media in motion – and, Berlin/Zagreb Musik / music: Igor Kuljeric “You are referencing old film school rhetoric. There is a more developed vocabulary in which to describe the relationship between sound and image now. These theories may apply in a very basic way, but being as its 2010, there has been much more thorough and abstract experimentation and documentation done regarding synchronicity.”Read More