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Tech and Philanthropy – Mobile Apps for Non-Profits The SFTech4Good group and it’s sponsor TechSoup is putting on two events involving tech and philanthropy and mobile apps for Nonprofits and social benefit organizations. There is good work being done to involve technologies in the community in some new and interesting ways. Monday, October 5th, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM Caravan Studios – a division of our sponsor, TechSoup – is having a Social Good Apps Breakfast for Nonprofits and Developers: Demystifying Mobile Apps for Nonprofits and social benefit organizations. Join themRead More
  Every once in a while, just don’t click the button  Read More
People who frequent Facebook and other social media networks took notice last month when the news broke that Facebook “Trust Engineers” had created a human behavior laboratory using real-time users to try and modify their feedback without their knowledge. This story created a brief uproar when it broke. WNYC’s Radiolab, a breakthrough experimental journalism podcast group uncovers the social engineering project and takes you behind the scenes for a glimpse at what many consider to be a scary proposition – that your every move is being watched by someone, somewhereRead More
from Americans For The Arts: What is “net neutrality?” It’s the idea that your Internet service provider (ISP), like Verizon or Comcast, doesn’t discriminate when it comes to Internet traffic-meaning throttling or blocking legal content that you want to access or share. A company also can’t pay your ISP to speed up service for certain sites. A lot is at stake. At the heart of the issue is how to ensure an open Internet that preserves everyone’s ability to communicate freely online to learn, engage, express themselves, innovate, and beRead More
This Thursday is an important day for anyone interested in being heard about an upcoming FCC decision to preserve a democratic and open internet. Concerned citizens, activists and a coalition of advocacy organizations are gathering at San Francisco City Hall to hold a people’s hearing on the future of the Internet. Just last week, President Obama made a bold statement marking a critical turning point in the fight for the open Internet — but the Net Neutrality debate is far from over. Millions of people have pushed the FCC to protect real Net Neutrality. WithRead More
I usually take my sweet time to write, but today I’m writing a fairly hasty response to an article I just read online by Gary Kamiya for San Francisco Magazine/Modern Luxury: San Francisco is Dead. Long Live San Francisco. Gary is a longtime resident of the city and while he’s both a former tenant and landlord, and feels strongly about the current plight faced by the fading middle class, the poor, the disabled, artists, activists, mentors and anyone else who can’t afford $3,000/month studio apartment. He doesn’t see the argument asRead More
Mission Local reports that an estimated group of 200 people walked to and protested against the conversion of a seven-unit rental apartment building on xx St. that was bought and converted to a private residenceRead More
A lot of people have trouble getting their news from a smartphone screen, especially if they’re in a crowd and in a hurry. Others, like me, are not early risers and don’t want to be woken up by caffeine saturated news readers interrupted by loud commercials. Enter Berlin-based and their great artificial voice that will not only read you from a choice of selected news sources, but also tells you the battery charge on your iPhone, flatter you, and tell you bad puns. Well, some of them are actuallyRead More
Muti Randolph takes new media and lighting installation technology to bring visual arts literally into a new dimension. In 2013, interactive art installations are exploding out from 2 dimensional containers and  becoming wearable designs or room ambiance or video art experiences. Step inside Muti Randolph’s interactive light installation Deep Screen at The Creators Project New York Event. Watch more on Muti Randolph: The Coachella Dance Tent Transformed: Designing Total Immersion Experiences: The Creators Project is a partnership between Intel and VICE: ** Check out our full video catalog:Read More
Facebook Hires Pixar Artist to Reinvent the Emoticon (via NewsLook) Facebook has enlisted Pixar artist Matt Jones and UC Berkeley psychologist Dacher Keltner to “crack a universal language” with a new set of emoticonsRead More