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January 22, 2016 (SAN FRANCISCO) I was so sad to hear yesterday of the passing of Mamacoatl, San Francisco artist, poet and fearless political activist. I met her in the 00’s at New College of California in the Mission, where she was part of the Women’s Spirituality Program. I did some photography and video art for a few of the many live performance works of music, poetry and political activism she became known throughout the Mission for in those years, and ever since. Although I didn’t get the chance to knowRead More

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Downtown San Francisco, Sunday

Photographer, © Mark Gould 2016Read More
(SAN FRANCISCO) January 8, 2016 COMMENTARY by Mark Gould The political and socio-economic forces of neoliberalism,  commodity capitalism and the advance of technology have transformed culture around the world for decades, and continues to accelerate at light speed in the 21st century. Here, the City once referred to as Baghdad By The Bay, home to several significant social and counterculture movements, San Francisco and large parts of the Northern California Bay Area can now be seen as both a petri dish and assembly line for “unicorn” grade corporate wealth, newRead More
Lisa Kairos “Peripheral Views”, September 1­15, 2015 Solo Show at Hang Gallery 567 Sutter St., second floor, San Francisco Instagram @lkairos website: l​ September 4th, 2015 by M​ark Gould I’m always fascinated about how artists are so willing, sometimes hunger to constantly evolve their creative process, seeking to engage in some internal and/or external activity on some regular basis to challenge their perceptions, beliefs and worldview. We all do the same, regardless of our vocation or position. If we’re mindful enough there’s a constant reevaluation of who we are andRead More
by Mark Gould JAN 13, 2015 Paradise Turns to Parking Lot Then Into a Parklet, Tryin’ to Keep What You Got Before It’s Gone Tensions between the local art community and the forces of economic growth in San Francisco are now running high on a regular basis, and making the news with some frequency. Last week Courthouse News reported that eight artists have filed a lawsuit against Zephyr Rreal Estate for reproducing their mural art in a 2013 promotional calendar. The story named the plaintiffs in the suit as Francisco Aquino, Mona Caron, Susan Kelk Cervantes,Read More
A few images from downtown – Transbay and The Embarcadero. Sometimes it seems that new construction pops up every day.Read More
MOUNTAIN VIEW -- Meet a kinder, gentler Google bus -- not the sleek and occasionally despised charter service that transports thousands of Googlers to the company's suburban headquarters each morning, but a free public shuttle that launched here this week.Read More
Artists File Lawsuit For Publishing Images of Their Murals, ““San Francisco Feels Like The Center Of The World,” And 4K HD Art Frames From Depict Artists Fight Commercialization of Their Murals in San Francisco published at Courthouse News SAN JOSE (CN) – In a lawsuit that spotlights tensions over soaring prices and gentrification in San Francisco, the creators of several iconic city murals sued a real estate company for using their art to advertise “luxury homes.” Eight artists accuse Zephyr Real Estate, the city’s largest independent real estate firm, of infringingRead More
Here are upcoming dates for poetry readings from the book, Island (University of Washington Press.) For thirty years, from 1910 to 1940, Angel Island in San Francisco Bay was the first, often the only, toehold in America for immigrants from China. From the Cantonese Pearl River delta district of Taishan they sailed, fleeing famine and the foreign concessions, bound for the Land of the Flowery Flag, the Golden Mountain. Some were relatives of earlier Chinese immigrants who had come to America for Sutter’s gold and stayed to help lay transcontinental railroadRead More
Protesters took to the streets in San Francisco for a second day on Saturday to show their solidarity with actions in other cities sparked by the refusal of two grand juries to bring charges against police in the killings of unarmed black men. The demonstrators once again blocked Market Street at Powell chanting “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” and “No Justice, No Peace.”  Their were several arrests, including a woman who appeared to be in her 70’s, who was taken away as the crowd jeered at police. There were no reportsRead More