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A Rant About An iPhone Game App Where You Win By Destroying Earth With A Deadly Virus “Can you infect the world?” ” Wipe Out Humanity” shouts the web page. Oh this isn’t the news about the Ebola virus. It’s promotion for a computer game, this week one of the top-selling games anywhere. I know, why bother saying anything about people who choose to buy games that amps them into a stressful state, with the end goal being to destroy everyone on earth with a deadly virus. It’s a matter ofRead More
by Mark Gould After publishing and being a progressive political voice in San Francisco politics for 48 years, today, almost in the blink of an eye, The San Francisco Bay Guardian has suddenly shut down: it’s website removed, all employees let go, and what is now to be the final issue to be distributed on Wednesday, October 15th. Left posted on the website is only a brief, wistful goodbye from the publisher acknowledging the Bay Guardian’s status as a city institution and advocate for so many communities within the city.Read More
from - House Speaker John Boehner
by Mark Gould, Editor – Photosynthesis Media Arts and Theory Journal (republished from my other blog) For a while now, I’ve wanted to write and introduce you to the work of media installation artist Dave Greber, part of the New Orleans based artist collective The Front. David belongs to a group of video artists, experimental cinema producers, writers and other artists who are exploring popular culture and it’s media conduit, exposing the often subliminal propaganda-style messages we are all confronted by every day, and in doing so invites all ofRead More

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The EFF Guide to San Diego Comic-Con

With the arrival of summer at EFF, you can hear the excitement in the stuffing of luggage and locking of office doors as our team prepares for some of the most important conventions in the world. Black Hat starts on July 27, with DEF CON immediately…Read More
news and ideas from writers around the San Francisco Bay Area this week, curated and edited by Mark Gould Republished to the new platform from YouTube by Thrash Lab: Video: (Empty America) What San Francisco Would Look Like Without Humans. This is both a very beautiful and a kind of creepy, the good kind of creepy, video (as it is intended) … in the sense that it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up; Imagine the world with no people, that’s what Thrash Lab doesRead More
( CYBERFEST is the first and only Russian annual International festival for cybernetic art (which combines living, biological and somatic substances with computational and technical), held annually since 2007. This year the festival is attended by more than 80 artists and art professionals from 20 countries (Russia, France, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Germany, Austria, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine , Philippines, etc.), and the program includes:   — an exhibition (of media objects and media installations); — live performances; — sound and video art programs; —Read More
Sunshine Week: Forecast Looks Cloudy for PATRIOT Act Transparency (via EFF) As we noted in an earlier post, EFF received the first batch of records from the DOJ in our FOIA lawsuit related to Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act yesterday. The government released approximately 300 pages of records to EFF, but (not surprisingly) none of those records shed any light on the information…Read More
The first American government run transit agency to shut off public cell phone usage and receive world-wide media attention for its actions is set to vote tomorrow on a long term enforcement policy that will govern how it can and cannot control cell and internet data mobile traffic.On August 11 BART shut off mobile phone in a number of Downtown San Francisco terminals after  a protest started over the death of a man shot by BART police officers. On October 27th the BART Board of Directors voted to come upRead More

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Adobe Creative Cloud and Touch Apps Debut

Adobe is faced with layoffs, downsizing in certain areas and refocusing on new and potentially new markets. And of course THE places to be for a large graphic design software company these days are cloud-based services, digital publishing, and tablet apps.Read More
Media, Freedom of Speech, and Civil Right Important information about privacy from the Electronic Frontier Foundation The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s collection of articles relating to issues of Privacy. The articles cover the current policy in smartphone surveillance, web searches, and international flight security, and much more. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is one of several advocacy groups working in the public interest to protect individual freedoms in the digital era. Digital data privacy rules turn 25 And as the Electronic Communications Privacy Act turns 25 this week, members of Congress areRead More
The cover of the October 17, 2011, issue of The New Yorker: Read more    Read More