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FCC Studying Government Wireless Service Interruptions (via redOrbit) In response to an August 2011 shutdown of wireless service by public transportation officials in San Francisco, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced plans to review whether or not they need to establish rules to govern when law enforcement and other public service agencies can… Grambling, Eddie Robinson, coach robinson, Grambling State, football, Lillian Rose Robinson, time jackie robinson, college, longtime grambling coach, son eddie robinson, Grambling State University, louisiana negro normal and industrial institute, losing seasons, deep south, teams, blackRead More
The first American government run transit agency to shut off public cell phone usage and receive world-wide media attention for its actions is set to vote tomorrow on a long term enforcement policy that will govern how it can and cannot control cell and internet data mobile traffic.On August 11 BART shut off mobile phone in a number of Downtown San Francisco terminals after  a protest started over the death of a man shot by BART police officers. On October 27th the BART Board of Directors voted to come upRead More
Media, Freedom of Speech, and Civil Right Important information about privacy from the Electronic Frontier Foundation The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s collection of articles relating to issues of Privacy. The articles cover the current policy in smartphone surveillance, web searches, and international flight security, and much more. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is one of several advocacy groups working in the public interest to protect individual freedoms in the digital era. Digital data privacy rules turn 25 And as the Electronic Communications Privacy Act turns 25 this week, members of Congress areRead More