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Portland Openings - June 2013
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It's been pointed out that this is the era of "Big Data" and while Internet versions 1.0 and even 2.0 were somewhat static the evolution and ease with which databases can be hooked into a variety of inputs and outputs has made all sorts of new things possible.Read More
By all measure this year’s ArtPadSF was another huge success. This is a very different and casual art fair; held at the Phoenix Hotel it was a very laid back way to stroll and shop for art. The San Francisco and Bay Area artists at the Tenderloin’s Gauntlet Gallery seem to pull no punches when it comes to making social and political statements with their art, very often with such bright and vivid palettes. I’m drawn right in by Chilean artist and illustrator Fab Ciraolo’s pop culture rendering of FridaRead More
SFMOMA at Crissy Field
Partnership with the National Park Service and Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, Yearlong Waterfront Display at Crissy Field Will Be Free to Public It’s safe to say a museum like SFMOMA doesn’t do anything small, quiet or diminutive. If they’re closing for three years for one incredible expansion project and a series of off-site programming, they will do it large, with a very visible presence. Beginning officially on May 22nd through May 26, 2014, SFMOMA will present a major outdoor exhibition of sculptor Mark di Suvero’s works near the GoldenRead More
Through Sunday, May, 19th Exhibition hours: 11 am–6 pm daily A lot of art going on this weekend, but this event is one to catch – the San Francisco Art Institute MFA show, Currency, a showcase of provocative new work from nearly 100 emerging artists. Chosen as a subject during a time of ongoing and changing economic conditions, this exhibition at The Old Mint offers a unique opportunity for SFAI’s artists to juxtapose contemporary expression with a stunning National Historic Landmark that was central to the country’s economic development. SFAI’sRead More
2013, Mark Gould, digitalRead More
I was glad to have found the online journal, SCAN, about media arts culture recently and highly recommend it to students of the arts, film, media arts, media theory and other disciplines. SCAN is a refereed, inter-disciplinary and some of its subject matter includes media studies, media arts, cultural studies, fine arts, philosophy, new media, music and technology. SCAN is hosted by the Department of Media, Music, Communications and Cultural Studies at Macquarie University, Sydney. I read with interest Katherine Berger’s well written analysis of how a growing number ofRead More

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New Abstract Art: Australian Artist Hilton Owen

Hilton Owen’s out front stylish, pop use of humans and objects – he is an abstract artist whose work is worth following. His use of line, form and figuration shows high standards and skillful execution, at the artist’s age of 22. Owen says, “I paint what I see around me. The physical union of individuals with objects that occur in my paintings suggests that although the individuals are in control of the objects – a car, an I-pod, an office desk – we are also paradoxically controlled by the objects.”Read More
Street Art, Clarion Alley, The Mission
  Like many city residents and tourists alike, I often stop by Clarion Alley to see if there is any new street art, or visit some great art again. A lot of the street art remains untouched, unfortunately some people in The Mission and other neighborhoods are taking to the awfully distasteful, horrible habit of tagging street art that an artist has probably spent hours, days or weeks working on. Ah, the price you pay if you post your work out in the open. I know, right? Still, you’d likeRead More

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New Art: In Search Of… #240

  had a great time working on this one – an exploration within an exploration, searching within. Earth tones, terrestrial looking visual themes continue to be explored, a sense of movement – on the way somewhere, or watching others in motion.Read More