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from Americans For The Arts: What is “net neutrality?” It’s the idea that your Internet service provider (ISP), like Verizon or Comcast, doesn’t discriminate when it comes to Internet traffic-meaning throttling or blocking legal content that you want to access or share. A company also can’t pay your ISP to speed up service for certain sites. A lot is at stake. At the heart of the issue is how to ensure an open Internet that preserves everyone’s ability to communicate freely online to learn, engage, express themselves, innovate, and beRead More
Using vector illustration applications to draw has always felt a bit like there’s math going on under my pen; sometimes following my instructions, sometimes leading me in unexpected directions. In this way my mathematic collaborator creates those happy surprises that are a constant source of joy. I also have learned when to know it’s finished! My work is often driven by the speed in which code can generate beautiful mathematical representations for rendering at any resolution. One iteration after another, I can pick one that has the composition I’m lookingRead More
Kate Nichols: 2015 Richard Diebenkorn Teaching Fellow
January 27, 2015 (press release via San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) is pleased to announce artist Kate Nichols as the recipient of the 2015 Richard Diebenkorn Teaching Fellowship. Established in 1998 by the family of renowned painter Richard Diebenkorn, who studied and taught at SFAI beginning in the 1940s, the fellowship makes it possible for a contemporary artist to both teach at SFAI and pursue independent studio work. Nichols will teach two courses during the fall 2015 semester, give a public lecture in the Visiting Artists and Scholars lecture series, and engage withRead More
M. Lamar, NEGROGOTHIC, Warhol Foundation Gives $4 Million To Grantees, and Art From a Techno-ecological Perspective A quite timely exhibit opening January 30th at the San Francisco Art Institute’s Walter and McBean Galleries through February 28M 2015 that explores topics of race, equality, violence and optimism. The exhibit is curated by Hesse McGraw, Vice President for Exhibitions and Public Programs. M. Lamar’s exhibition NEGROGOTHIC strips the American enterprise to its hardcore components of race, sexuality, violence, and optimism. In imagery that links the histories of slavery and Robert Mapplethorpe, and through sound that connects Lamar’sRead More
by Mark Gould JAN 13, 2015 Paradise Turns to Parking Lot Then Into a Parklet, Tryin’ to Keep What You Got Before It’s Gone Tensions between the local art community and the forces of economic growth in San Francisco are now running high on a regular basis, and making the news with some frequency. Last week Courthouse News reported that eight artists have filed a lawsuit against Zephyr Rreal Estate for reproducing their mural art in a 2013 promotional calendar. The story named the plaintiffs in the suit as Francisco Aquino, Mona Caron, Susan Kelk Cervantes,Read More
MOUNTAIN VIEW -- Meet a kinder, gentler Google bus -- not the sleek and occasionally despised charter service that transports thousands of Googlers to the company's suburban headquarters each morning, but a free public shuttle that launched here this week.Read More
Your Guide to ART IN MOTION 2015
Guide to Art In Motion 2015 – Singapore Art Week via BLOUINARTINFO During Singapore Art Week later this month from January 16 through 25, ART IN MOTION will showcase the programs of 18 leading contemporary art galleries based in the city-state. Organized and presented by the Art Galleries Association Singapore, ART IN MOTION is an open studios kind of event, and some of the work will showcase moving multimedia portraits made possible by a combination of photography, video projection, and painting techniques. Also located in the Distripark is Ikkan Art Gallery, whichRead More
Walter Benjamin has had a profound effect on my thinking about art and mass media and on a lot of other people studying philosophical aspects of these subjects. Benjamin’s thoughts on language, journalism, graphic design, mass communication, art, photography were both radical and ahead of its time. His ideas about authorship, production and reproduction were brilliant and prophetic, and have had an important, lasting effect on the interpretations of future theorists to come after him. (the original source page of the document posted on Scribd) This translation into English fromRead More
Artist Leo Villareal’s beautiful installation of LED lights across the Bay Bridge might soon become a permanent sight in the Bay Area. The nonprofit arts group that conceived the art, Illuminate the Arts, recently announced it had raised $4 million in funds it needs to pay for new equipment and maintenance work. Christian L. Frock writes for KQED Arts in Bigger, Brighter, Better? Will San Francisco Become a Light Art Destination? “This year the San Francisco Travel Association self-branded the city as a “national leader in light art,” with a new website that invites “artRead More