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I’ve been working for the last few years using a combination of “creative coding” applications like Processing, thanks in part to the very large community that supports each other in the development and sharing of open source code and new media creation tools. Max/MSP, Quartz Composer and openFrameworks. Although I wrote HTML as a web designer for awhile, I’m not a coder or a programmer and have made a start in part thanks to this wonderul, sharing community and the ability to cut and paste code, tweak it until I’veRead More
It's been pointed out that this is the era of "Big Data" and while Internet versions 1.0 and even 2.0 were somewhat static the evolution and ease with which databases can be hooked into a variety of inputs and outputs has made all sorts of new things possible.Read More
Marius Watz (NO) is an artist working with visual abstraction through generative software processes. His work focuses on the synthesis of form as the product of parametric behaviors. He is known for hard-edged geometrical forms and vivid colors, with outputs ranging from pure software works to public projections and physical objects produced with digital fabrication technology. Watz has exhibited at venues like the Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Todaysart (The Hague), ITAU Cultural (Sao Paulo), Museumsquartier (Vienna), and Galleri ROM (Oslo). He is a lecturer in Interaction Design at theRead More
Muti Randolph takes new media and lighting installation technology to bring visual arts literally into a new dimension. In 2013, interactive art installations are exploding out from 2 dimensional containers and  becoming wearable designs or room ambiance or video art experiences. Step inside Muti Randolph’s interactive light installation Deep Screen at The Creators Project New York Event. Watch more on Muti Randolph: The Coachella Dance Tent Transformed: Designing Total Immersion Experiences: The Creators Project is a partnership between Intel and VICE: ** Check out our full video catalog:Read More
via (note: the lighting is tonight! March 5th – at 8:30pm, more information at (BLOUIN ARTINFO:) After more than 75 years in the shadow of its glamorous cousin, San Francisco’s “other” bridge is getting a chance to shine. The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge has been turned into the latest — and by far the biggest — backdrop for New York artist Leo Villareal, who has individually programmed 25,000 white lights spaced a foot apart on 300 of the span’s vertical cables to create what is being billed asRead More

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Light In Motion #426

in a series: light – motion – time | abstract photography by Mark Gould Original is emulsion transfer, acrylics on 300g printmaking paper, 24″ x 36″ Limited edition reproductions for saleRead More
Similar to Lost Heaven, a large number of photographic images, long exposures of lights and motion, were processed and composed into video with music. The approach of this (and other) ambient video work is with the intent of a “painting in motion,” such that if it were used in an installation the video would be slowed down considerably. I’ve picked up the speed on this version to keep your attention, but plan to submit this to festivals and exhibitions. As mentioned I’m also very open to collaborations with ambient musiciansRead More
video artist: Mark Gould   Instead of dissolves, I tried optical frame blending at the suggestion of someone on the Studio Artist users group forum. You get some interesting morph-like transitions which gives the piece a more organic feel. Thanks to Lucas. Images started as original photography, long exposures of lights and motion, then processed by the great paint synthesizer (and so much more,) Studio Artist by Synthetik, For installation works my vision is that the change rate of the image would be slowed down considerably. Think about aRead More
There are a few favorite paint applications in my digital toolbox, and Synthetik’s Studio Artist is one of them. Principal software engineer, programmer and artist John Dalton has spent many years studying cognitive neuroscience, computer intelligence and ways in which computers can respond and enhance the creative and artistic processes. artist: Mark Gould, digital, 12″ x 16″[/caption] I don’t do any work that’s strictly paint, strictly digital, strictly photographic. I’m alway’s taking a picture of a sketch, painting a photograph, scanning a found object. There’s no concern about what’s originalRead More
International Journal of Performance Arts & Digital Media
via LEONARDO Network Newsletter 01.15.13 The International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media is dedicating an issue to new interdisciplinary connections and intersections between performance and science, as a creative and practical tool that expands and supports the creative endeavors of digital practices in art and performance, and also as a critical framework to discuss and apprehend the impact of digital media arts on the human experience. The journal actively encourages debate and cross-disciplinary exchange of a broad range of approaches surrounding the use of new media and informationRead More