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Born out of the industrial revolution, mass communication and technology, collage is a rich medium that reassembles fragments of modern life into new representations of the world. Originally used by Picasso, Braque, the Dadaists and Surrealists, collage as an art form came to prominence in the 20th century, and now, in the 21st century, there have been quantum evolutions made by artists using collected objects, images, paint and other media in the deconstruction and construction of images that often provoke surreal, dystopian representations that help free the viewer’s mind fromRead More

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Katharina Grosse, “Fiction” via Art21

I think you will be as delighted as I was to see Katharina Grosse at work with her team creating her enormous and colorful work in the most recent installment of PBS’ art21 “Fiction,”  which features artists who “explore the virtues of ambiguity, mix genres, and merge aesthetic disciplines to discern not simply what stories mean, but how and why they come to have meaning.” Some people paint landscapes on canvas; Katharina paints in the landscape “or on it or in it or with it, “as she says, to create large-scale sculpturalRead More
Download image Download image King Jeongjo's Procession to His Father's Tomb in Hwaseong, 1795 (det). Korea. Handscroll; ink and colors on paper. H. 18 3/8 in. x W. 150 ft. 11 in. National Museum of Korea. (PRNewsFoto/Asian Art Museum) In an unprecedented…Read More
I’ve spent the last two months toying with glitch art destruction, game hacked 8-bit graphics styles and all that. I can say one thing at this point – it’s great to play with iterations in digital art. It’s very satisfying and increases the scope and perspective to which elements of change, time and story can be created to group works of art which are added when you group a set of works, or create an exhibition or installation. And it’s a great way to offer limited edition sets. Of courseRead More
There’s an exciting New Surrealism exhibit at Mirus Gallery curated by Paul Hemming, opening Saturday, June 8th, and, taking part in the Yerba Buena Gallery Walk this weekend. Paul has put together really quite a superb group of contemporary artists working in the surreal genre for this show. Dreamtime: New Surrealism considers how how concepts about the unimagined and the fantastic have developed over time, and the artists featured in the show represent a range of artists working in the Surrealist tradition, from Pop Surrealism to Postmodern appropriation of surrealisticRead More
Portland Openings - June 2013
[repostus thumb=5869435 hash=ea593758cefed00d6c96a9bb13a50bdb title=Gallery%20openings%20June%202013 short=1Gejg]Read More
Jem Cohen at SF Cameraworks
Primarily a filmmaker, Jem Cohen is a multimedia artist and photographer whose images are on exhibit at SF Camerawork through June 22nd. Known primarily as a filmmaker, New York-based Jem Cohen has been quietly photographing around the world since the 1980s. His photographic excursions can serve as location scouts and often inform his approach to filmmaking. However, as with other multimedia artists, one could consider his work in both mediums as part of a larger whole. Says Cohen: “Though linked, they are very different ways of divining and distilling theRead More
By all measure this year’s ArtPadSF was another huge success. This is a very different and casual art fair; held at the Phoenix Hotel it was a very laid back way to stroll and shop for art. The San Francisco and Bay Area artists at the Tenderloin’s Gauntlet Gallery seem to pull no punches when it comes to making social and political statements with their art, very often with such bright and vivid palettes. I’m drawn right in by Chilean artist and illustrator Fab Ciraolo’s pop culture rendering of FridaRead More
SFMOMA at Crissy Field
Partnership with the National Park Service and Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, Yearlong Waterfront Display at Crissy Field Will Be Free to Public It’s safe to say a museum like SFMOMA doesn’t do anything small, quiet or diminutive. If they’re closing for three years for one incredible expansion project and a series of off-site programming, they will do it large, with a very visible presence. Beginning officially on May 22nd through May 26, 2014, SFMOMA will present a major outdoor exhibition of sculptor Mark di Suvero’s works near the GoldenRead More
Through Sunday, May, 19th Exhibition hours: 11 am–6 pm daily A lot of art going on this weekend, but this event is one to catch – the San Francisco Art Institute MFA show, Currency, a showcase of provocative new work from nearly 100 emerging artists. Chosen as a subject during a time of ongoing and changing economic conditions, this exhibition at The Old Mint offers a unique opportunity for SFAI’s artists to juxtapose contemporary expression with a stunning National Historic Landmark that was central to the country’s economic development. SFAI’sRead More