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by Alex Mak Broke-Ass Stuart (republished with permission) This is not an article about celebrity painters like Andy Warhol or Salvador Dalí, this is an article about celebrities who paint, like Johnny Depp and and Lucy Liu.  The difference between the two is not as obvious as one might think.  I sat down with art critic and San Francisco Art Institute Professor Mark Van Proyen (MVP), this time to talk about art and celebrity, and to critique the artwork of some of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars.  At first, Professor MVP was leery ofRead More
I was glad to have found the online journal, SCAN, about media arts culture recently and highly recommend it to students of the arts, film, media arts, media theory and other disciplines. SCAN is a refereed, inter-disciplinary and some of its subject matter includes media studies, media arts, cultural studies, fine arts, philosophy, new media, music and technology. SCAN is hosted by the Department of Media, Music, Communications and Cultural Studies at Macquarie University, Sydney. I read with interest Katherine Berger’s well written analysis of how a growing number ofRead More
Street Art, Clarion Alley, The Mission
  Like many city residents and tourists alike, I often stop by Clarion Alley to see if there is any new street art, or visit some great art again. A lot of the street art remains untouched, unfortunately some people in The Mission and other neighborhoods are taking to the awfully distasteful, horrible habit of tagging street art that an artist has probably spent hours, days or weeks working on. Ah, the price you pay if you post your work out in the open. I know, right? Still, you’d likeRead More
Marius Watz (NO) is an artist working with visual abstraction through generative software processes. His work focuses on the synthesis of form as the product of parametric behaviors. He is known for hard-edged geometrical forms and vivid colors, with outputs ranging from pure software works to public projections and physical objects produced with digital fabrication technology. Watz has exhibited at venues like the Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Todaysart (The Hague), ITAU Cultural (Sao Paulo), Museumsquartier (Vienna), and Galleri ROM (Oslo). He is a lecturer in Interaction Design at theRead More
Reposted from our companion blog, the Media Arts Channel, part of the Vimeo Media Arts Channel Group with over 450 members and more than 1,300 great films and videos in genres of animation, stop motion, moving image, motion graphics, video art and other experimental works. Topology of the 9 Circles: Open Set Number Four from Roland Quelven and Isabel Pérez del Pulgar V I D E O / Roland Quelven – Isabel Pérez del Pulgar S O U N D / Roland Quelven . V O I C E /Read More
by Mark Gould Designer Richard Seymour works on products with soul — from a curvy, swoopy iron to a swift and sleek city motorcycle. Seymourpowell is regarded as one of the world’s leading product and innovation design consultancies, with clients who include Ford, Virgin Galactic, Tefal, Casio, Nokia, Guinness, Samsung and Unilever. Seymour is also consultant global creative director of design to Unilever’s Dove, Axe/Lynx and Vaseline brands. So, it can be said that Seymour’s approach to the concept of beauty, or an analysis of current day thinking on oneRead More
While efforts in this regard certainly made large impact at the beginning of the last century, in the middle of the century, and again in the 80’s, say, the postmodern era, we see that this evolution is not completely new. But today we are seeing renewed and evolved thinking about using the arts and other creative-based disciplines as a means of research. Art as research you say? Just another nut job from California you say? Perhaps, but I think not. I have spent the last 20 years making this aRead More