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from Americans For The Arts: What is “net neutrality?” It’s the idea that your Internet service provider (ISP), like Verizon or Comcast, doesn’t discriminate when it comes to Internet traffic-meaning throttling or blocking legal content that you want to access or share. A company also can’t pay your ISP to speed up service for certain sites. A lot is at stake. At the heart of the issue is how to ensure an open Internet that preserves everyone’s ability to communicate freely online to learn, engage, express themselves, innovate, and beRead More
Life In The Fast Lane: You’ll Still Have To Pay For The Privilege Of Accessing The Internet, But For Now The Framework For Net Neutrality and Equal Access Lives On MARK GOULD, MARCH 1, 2015 Have you ever stopped and thought about why it is that free unfettered access to the Internet has been taken away by a few big corporations over the last 15 years, right before your eyes, yet many Americans don’t seem concerned, or even remember how the net got started. So a very brief history lesson might beRead More
by Mark Gould At present when it comes to examining issues of race, violence against women and social justice protests for changes in the conduct of some law enforcement officers, traversing the landscape is like wading through a minefield. Just where do we start? There are professional  black athletes, themselves portrayed as a stereotype of male aggression, protesting violence against black men, while a very small minority are themselves accused of violence against women. Some athletes are playing for teams with unpleasant ethnic caricatures for logos and mascots with some teams and leagues notRead More
This Thursday is an important day for anyone interested in being heard about an upcoming FCC decision to preserve a democratic and open internet. Concerned citizens, activists and a coalition of advocacy organizations are gathering at San Francisco City Hall to hold a people’s hearing on the future of the Internet. Just last week, President Obama made a bold statement marking a critical turning point in the fight for the open Internet — but the Net Neutrality debate is far from over. Millions of people have pushed the FCC to protect real Net Neutrality. WithRead More
I usually take my sweet time to write, but today I’m writing a fairly hasty response to an article I just read online by Gary Kamiya for San Francisco Magazine/Modern Luxury: San Francisco is Dead. Long Live San Francisco. Gary is a longtime resident of the city and while he’s both a former tenant and landlord, and feels strongly about the current plight faced by the fading middle class, the poor, the disabled, artists, activists, mentors and anyone else who can’t afford $3,000/month studio apartment. He doesn’t see the argument asRead More
It’s taken so many years, but now I have the time to review thousands of shots taken over the years, do a lot of editing and post-processing, and put what I think are some of my better images online in various places. One great shoot was this one, a Labor Day and immigration protest march starting in Delores Park and then weaving through The Mission on May 1, 2007. Speeches, signs and people with an important purpose; what a great place for a photographer to find himself that day!Read More
I woke up this morning with another day of nothing in the refrigerator and waiting until I felt up to eating soup for breakfast and so I was gravitating towards my usual news feeds and came across SFMOMA’s Open Space blog, a forum for critical and personal writings and media about art, culture and issues specific to the Bay Area. According to the museum blog’s About page, “Our aim is to provide a platform for, and a window on to, the life and vitality of the art-engaged communities of thisRead More
by Mary C.  Joyce , The Meta-Activism Project (Editor’s note:  It wasn’t until after the second term of the Bush Administration, dissastisfaction with two prolonged wars and the 2008 US Presidential election many activists and non-profit advocacy groups stopped being skeptical of digital, or “online activism,” social media evolved and they used the Internet for dramatic political change. At first, organizations like and many others proved that digital activism had finally come of age. Last year’s Arab Spring and Occupy movement took the power of online political and socialRead More
This 9-minute film documents one of the fastest-growing and most effective forces combating climate change: organized grassroots movements in the Bay Area, and around the world. Centering around efforts to overturn California’s historic global warming legislation, the film highlights how community organizations and networks throughout the state played a crucial role in mobilizing the vote in immigrant and low income communities to defeat Proposition 23,Read More