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Abstract Art I Featured Around Social Media In October

I’ve been pretty pleased with the direction some of my abstract work has taken this fall. Not that it doesn’t have a long road ahead, but I look foward to the journey. And in terms of altered imagery and manipulated photography digital is a big playground to get inspired and come up with countless iterations – that’s the beauty of it for me, edit – edit – edit – until you just nail it to perfection. Then through various techniques and technologies discussed here and a lot of places the image can be worked on further if desired with other media, mixed media, which I’ve done with watercolor, pen, acrylics, charcoal and others on an increasing variety of media.

I can’t really say why I was blocked for so long creating abstract images although I have a few notions. It actually comes quite naturally to me once I open myself up to working on an image or creating one from a sketch and things just start happening. I think in some way I was subliminally concerned about revealing aspects about my inner self when doing work that was “commercially acceptable” was in line with my work as a commercial graphic artist and a web designer. I’m reading a couple of very interesting books about the fields of artistic research and art therapy. More about that later.

So, no, I’m not showing anywhere and haven’t for quite a few years. The beauty and the bomb of social media is that we’re all artist superstars, or whatever. I’m hanging in Gallery Flickr (50 million exclusive artists showing,) my Tumblr site, and now on Instagram. I get my “likes” and occasional feedback, and that’s my very short but very sweet feedback as an artist. Here’s some of what I’ve been posting, and being online with a lot of other artists and creative people is very inspiring. There’s a lot of awesome work to be discovered, and too little time.

Terrestrial Abstract #1 - Mark Gould, 2012

Terrestrial Abstract #2 - Mark Gould, 2012

Urban Daze - Mark Gould, 2012

Toxic Cloud


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