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My Image Transfer Prints Featured on Synthetik’s Studio Artist News

I was happy to find after corresponding with Synthetik Software founder John Dalton that my work was featured today on Synthetik’s Studio Artist News! One aspect of my work is creating hand pulled image transfer prints, which is one way that artists who work in digital find a way to get the ink from inkjet prints onto printmaking paper or acrylic media so they can work in mixed media, at larger sizes, etc. I was introduced to these techniques a number of years ago. It’s not that you can’t draw or paint directly on an inkjet print, but generally you’ll find that you have to use some type of transparent adhesive to fix the paper to a stronger surface first. The printer paper manufacturers have come out with an increasing amount and quality of printer papers; archival for photographic and art purposes.

If what you want is to reproduce your digital art, you probably are not in the market for something like image transfer prints. However some have likened the image transfer process to the polaroid art transfer process that some of you may have seen at art shows and fairs. You don’t do it to get a perfect reproduction – you do it for the fun or the enjoyment of it and for the artistic quality you can get from the process.

I’ll refer you to the the story on John’s Studio Artist News story for the step by step process, but basically for transfers to watercolor paper one method involves printing to a transparency, then using an alcohol based substance to roll the ink off the transparency onto the paper. Because of the liquid you can manipulate the image with brushes before it dries and get some really interesting results.

Synthetik Software founder John Dalton has done an amazing job with Studio Artist over the years. Now at version 4.0, it is truly a paint synthesizer and more! It will keep me creating images for years and then some.

Find more photos like this on STUDIO ARTIST USER FORUM

Some of the features, and there are literally thousands, include automatic painting, auto-rotoscoping, image effects, a vectorizer, time warping, keyframing animation, paint action sequencing, live performance, real time editing, and time based effects. So not only does Studio Artist include some of the most evolved “brushes” for painting images I’ve ever seen, Studio Artist is built to work with video and to create video effects. For the latest information visit John’s Studio Artist News blog.




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