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Artist Mark Gould New Print: Painted Image Transfer – San Francisco Alamo Square, 2012


San Francisco, Alamo Square

I think for a time I will explore more photo-realistic altered imagery. But I really enjoy adding it on thick, pun intended, with all of the real world painterly-like brushes you can paint with seeming thickness transmitted through highlights and shadows added to a brushstroke that the artist creates from settings and then brushes with varied opacity on a layer on top the image, that image that may already have preprocessed further.  I will often take an image in and out of a computer several times in both directions, scanning things in or taking a picture or printing it out for further work. In the end, I’m making a quality inkjet print, either to a thick watercolor like paper, or a transparency film with the image reversed out, where I use an alcohol based substance to lift the archival durachrome pigment inks from using a brayer and other tools, transferring the image to cold press printmaking paper. Artists working in this area today call it ‘image transfer.’ Gould then will paint on top of the image print from there with great resuts. Mark says one beauty of the method is that if you are a quantity of the same image, a limited edition, each image is completely unique! I love that about this process. Like life there are so many things that go into how we feel about and receive all experience!



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