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May 28, 2010 4:50pm By Mark Gould and sfsthetik Patrick Swayze on Film: One Bad Ass Dude Patrick Swayze died last year of cancer at age 57, was a dancer and remembered for some of his dance movies, including Dirty Dancing , But Swayze achieved iconic status as one bad ass dude. I’m straight, and this guy was drop dead gorgeous. He became a true on-screen, true-life 80’s pop icon, and his other biggest hit, “Ghost,” was voted to the 100 greatest love stories on film of all time. HeRead More
The famed illustrator R. Crumb discusses his work with the art editor of The New Yorker, including his new book, an illustration of the "Book of Genesis", from the Creation to the death of Joseph.Read More

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SfSthetik: This week in local news

via The Huffington Post Hugo Chavez Launches A BLOG Shortly After Joining Twitter (CARACAS, Venezuela)  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has launched a new website and has starting blogging in an attempt to expand his online presence. Chavez said he set up the official site that debuted Tuesday partly to combat people using the Internet to spread falsehoods. Chavez’s Twitter account lists more than 435,000 followers. Full Story at Huffington Post. via Engadget: The next Apple TV Revealed: Cloud Storage, an iPhone App, and a $99 price tag: If you thoughtRead More
Honestly, I’d hate to choose who is the “best” from among all of the art collectives who call The Mission their home. Being a D-list blogger anyway, who am I to make this decision. There need not be a decision anyway. Each group is incredibly unique, and we are all richer having these cutting edge, brilliant, innovative artists, musicians, poets, actors and enabling individuals and agencies working at their crafts and helping to make San Francisco what it is. This weekend The Million Fishes Arts Collective will stage “Samurai “OhRead More
Democracy Now Host Amy Goodman Discusses the Importance of Independent MediaRead More