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Photojournalism essay: San Francisco’s Mission District 2006-2008, Photography by Mark Gould

As a web designer and photographer at New College in The Mission during most of the 2000′s I carried a camera everywhere I went. And in San Francisco’s vibrant and […]


The Important Rise of Data Visualization in modern journalism

Ezra Klein’s Vox.com is a one-of-a-kind technological advancement of the emerging developments in data-based journalism, or data journalism in short. The addition of long held principles in communicating the importance […]

The Change in San Francisco is Good, So Just Accept It and other fables

I usually take my sweet time to write, but today I’m writing a fairly hasty response to an article I just read online by Gary Kamiya for San Francisco Magazine/Modern […]


Meditation Transformation #264, mixed media, 2014, Mark Gould

#Meditation Transformation No. 264 #MarkGould 2014 #art #glitchart #mixedmedia #SanFrancisco pic.twitter.com/JPHp3hut2h — Mark Gould (@markegould) April 23, 2014   SFSthetik Recommends Related posts: No related posts.


San Francisco Eviction March – April 13, 2014

Mission Local reports that an estimated group of 200 people walked to and protested against the conversion of a seven-unit rental apartment building on xx St. that was bought and converted to a private residence


Tech Mini-Review: Artificially Intelligent Voices and Waking Up with Capsule.fm

A lot of people have trouble getting their news from a smartphone screen, especially if they’re in a crowd and in a hurry. Others, like me, are not early risers […]


Images of May Day, Delores Park, San Francisco, 2007

It’s taken so many years, but now I have the time to review thousands of shots taken over the years, do a lot of editing and post-processing, and put what […]


Yes, No, Maybe: Artists Working at Crown Point Press (podcast)

Yes, No, Maybe: Artists Working at Crown Point Press is celebrated by an array of public programs at the National Gallery of Art, including lectures, a concert, gallery talks, and […]


Collages by Eugenia Loli

Here are a few samples of the wonderful collage work of Eugenia Loli, whose work I came across on her Tumblr and then on her Flickr page. Loli spent time […]