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This Changes Nothing: Why the People’s Climate March Guarantees Climate Catastrophe

by Cory Morningstar, Wrong Kind of Green As the following information will demonstrate, The People’s Climate March and supporting discourse is about protecting capitalism, not protecting the world’s most vulnerable […]


Who Decides To Use Military Force – Or, The Wind Up Monkey Needs To Go Back To Work

House Speaker John Boehner released a video yesterday of him and his new toy wind up monkey, a gift given to him by his staff. In the video Mr. Boehner is playing with his cute granddaughters. While awfully cute – the timing of the House being on vacation does raise the more serious question – Should Congress approve a decision to send troops to Syria?


Photojournalism essay: San Francisco’s Mission District 2006-2008, Photography by Mark Gould

As a web designer and photographer at New College in The Mission during most of the 2000’s I carried a camera everywhere I went. And in San Francisco’s vibrant and […]


The Change in San Francisco is Good, So Just Accept It and Other Fables

I usually take my sweet time to write, but today I’m writing a fairly hasty response to an article I just read online by Gary Kamiya for San Francisco Magazine/Modern […]


Meditation Transformation #264, mixed media, 2014, Mark Gould

#Meditation Transformation No. 264 #MarkGould 2014 #art #glitchart #mixedmedia #SanFrancisco pic.twitter.com/JPHp3hut2h — Mark Gould (@markegould) April 23, 2014  


San Francisco Eviction March – April 13, 2014

Mission Local reports that an estimated group of 200 people walked to and protested against the conversion of a seven-unit rental apartment building on xx St. that was bought and converted to a private residence


Tech Mini-Review: Artificially Intelligent Voices and Waking Up with Capsule.fm

A lot of people have trouble getting their news from a smartphone screen, especially if they’re in a crowd and in a hurry. Others, like me, are not early risers […]


Images of May Day, Delores Park, San Francisco, 2007

It’s taken so many years, but now I have the time to review thousands of shots taken over the years, do a lot of editing and post-processing, and put what […]


Yes, No, Maybe: Artists Working at Crown Point Press (podcast)

Yes, No, Maybe: Artists Working at Crown Point Press is celebrated by an array of public programs at the National Gallery of Art, including lectures, a concert, gallery talks, and […]